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Secret Santa are a Community Interest Company (CIC) Reg No.10858839

We have a shop on King William Street, on the edge of Blackburn Mall, adjacent to the glass clock tower. This is WHOLLY due to the kindness and support of the team that own and manage Blackburn Mall.

Thank you for stopping by and spending a few minutes discovering what we do for our most disadvantaged children. We’re called “Secret Santa” because it’s not about us – it’s about the children.

Secret Santa was born in August of 2017 by Phil and Karen Boulding, working from their home in Lower Darwen with an original goal of delivering 200 sacks to Childrens Services for them, to then deliver our red Santa Sacks to the MOST disadvantaged children in the area.

Later that year, due to demand the goal grew to 750, the following year was 905 and sadly the need has now grown to 1,000. The good news is that for each of the last 3 years we have delivered successfully on our goal.

Our 4th Christmas, Christmas 2020 is a lot different with the challenges from COVID-19. For example, with only 7 weeks to go to Christmas our shop had to close for 4 of those weeks, making a challenging task even harder. Plus, earlier in 2020, like so many others, we were completely closed for 12 more weeks. But we STILL managed to successfully achieve our goal.

Our “Computers for kids Appeal 2021”

We help the disadvantaged across the whole year, not just at Christmas and starting January 2021 we are running our “Computers for kids” appeal. We are asking people to donate an unused tablet/laptop/P.C to Secret Santa that we can then give to our MOST disadvantaged children/families across the Blackburn with Darwen area. We will securely DELETE any data on the device and then reinstall the appropriate Operating system over the top and make ready to give to a local child/family for them to do homework/home schooling/zoom meetings etc.

Whilst our Blackburn town centre shop is closed due to COVID, we would ask you to drop off at 16 Highercroft road, Lower Darwen, BB3 0QR Anytime – Or we can pick up by calling us (below)

Please either email (phil@secretsanta.ltd) with your details OR, feel free to call us anytime on 07866 566166 – Thank you so much.

HOW we will deal with any data that may have been left on your device :

Data protection policy – Erasure of all personal data statement

  • We use a well-known disk cleansing utility called “Acronis Drive cleanser” which securely overwrites any data on the hard drive, thereby rendering any previous date irrecoverable.

  • Some hard drives are too old and slow, or too small and so we dispose of them by drilling through the hard drive with a drill, rendering the old drive unusable and safely dispose. And then we provide a brand new SSD hard drive.

  • The operating system is then reinstalled and appropriate office software added

  • Secret Santa CIC confirms that whenever any IT equipment is donated, whether it be a laptop, PC or tablet, that ALL data is immediately deleted, and the device is reformatted as new. For the benefit of doubt, this means that there will be no personal identifying information, no photos/docs/videos or any downloaded content that will remain on any device. Once the device has had its complete data removed, it is then rebuilt with a brand new version of whatever Operating system is appropriate, and made ready for the next user.

  • It is then not possible for any child or user to “find” any inappropriate content, as all content has been removed and then overwritten by the new Operating system.

So, back to Christmas….. Ideally, we need to collect donations from people like yourself that will allow us to purchase a quantity of age/gender specific gifts that we will make up into "Santa sacks" containing 7 different presents (more below) that will be delivered to the parents of these children.

Our hope is to bring a smile and genuine cheer into the lives of those less fortunate children in Blackburn and Darwen on Christmas morning when they open their totally unexpected "Santa Sack". (The parents will have wrapped these presents and give them as if they had bought the gifts, giving themselves some self-esteem and most importantly the obvious message to the child that they ARE loved, and they ARE normal and do NOT have to go without

Without what we do - These children would REALLY get next to nothing at all. They are in the bullseye of who our local Childrens services look after.

We intend providing 7 presents in each sack of gifts (Age/Gender appropriate):

A selection box – All children LOVE chocolate
Stocking filler – To help build the excitement
Reading Book(s) – To help them read, learn or even “escape”
Skipping rope, Football or Frisbee – Get them mobile
Board game/Puzzle – To play together as a family unit
Main present – Just for themselves
A teddy – For those quiet, comforting times

Collectively these gifts will help the child play, read, learn, engage with his/her family/friends playing games and really enjoy their own very special Christmas experience.

Each "Santa's sack" costs us approximately £25. So, for just £25 we can REALLY help a needy child have an amazing Christmas.

Absolutely any amount you could help us with is a massive contribution to what we hope to achieve and this year we are aiming to help 1,000 local children from Blackburn and Darwen.

2021's GOAL is £25,000

Anyone Anyone Person Person Company Company Company Company Anyone
Single adhoc gift Monthly standing order £25/£50 one off £75/£100+ one off Bronze Contributor (Up to £249) Silver Contributor (£250 to £499) Gold Contributor (£500 to £749) Platinum Contributor (£750+) Diamond Contributor (£2,500+)
Santa sack for ? Santa sack for ? Santa sack for 1 or 2 Santa sack for 3 or 4 Santa sack for up to 10 Santa sack for up to 20 Santa sack for up to 30 Santa sack for 30+ Santa sacks for a huge number of under privileged children


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Who We Help

It's All About the Children - Though we never forget the elderly either

We are supporting Blackburn with Darwen borough council's Childrens Services Division and others by providing their 8 Childrens centres across Blackburn and Darwen and the main headquarters for Childrens Services at Duke Street and other locations with 1,000 Santa sacks for Xmas 2020.

We are really pleased and proud to be supporting our LOCAL children and ensuring that purely down to the kind people of Blackburn and Darwen, these under-privileged children will have a better Christmas.

As a result of our our work and your support, family support workers and social workers will have a straight forward route through these centres in requesting referrals for the families they work with.

The reason these families are in difficulty are wide and complex. Secret Santa Ltd doesn't get involved directly, instead we leave the professionals to their roles and the families to their privacy and we concentrate on supporting the carers who will pass on our Santa Sacks just ahead of Christmas.

We also help the Elderly and Lonely - When we were collecting, many people told us it's not just children that suffer at Christmas, but the elderly do too. They weren't always elderly and lonely, they have memories of better times. So we said we would also arrange a series of Christmas parties and get these people out and together, enjoying themselves again. In 2017 we helped 100. In 2018 it had risen to 250 across Blackburn and Darwen. In 2019, our goal was to bring 300 elderly, lonely people together. 2020's target again is to help 300+ elderly, lonely people.

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